All the good we can….

Tonya Trice   -  

It’s Monday, and I have the day off from work.  I’ve been looking forward to this 3-day weekend for a while now as I’ve been wanting to do some “Fall” cleaning.  Ken spent most of the day power washing the fence while I cleaned closets.  Ugh, I know… closets!  As with most tasks, I had an aggressive, but achievable goal set for myself – a sprint (for my friends and colleagues who live and breathe lean/process management, you know).  And, I achieved my goal – 3 closets cleaned and organized!  But, the amount of “stuff” that I pulled from these closets which I have not used in several years was somewhat disturbing.  Why do I have all these sheets and towels that I have not, and will not use?  Paintings, kitchenware, curtains… the list of items goes on and on.  Without hesitation, I bagged and boxed up items to deliver to Cindy’s Closet.  All proceeds from sales benefit the ministries of Wright’s Chapel and the community.

You may have read the recent article in the Free Lance Star about Cindy’s Closet titled “Second hand goods help fund multiple missions…” It’s a great story about All the Good We Can which is the theme for Wright Chapel’s capital campaign to raise money to expand Cindy’s Closet to a new building on the church property that will also house the Mobile Ministry.   What can you do?  God has called us to work together for His Kingdom. We hope to engage every member and household of Wright’s Chapel and the community to pray for this campaign, to seek God’s guidance on how to participate, and to give God grateful thanks for all He has done and is doing through our Church to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to reach out in love and service, and to worship God with joyful hearts and lives. At Wright’s Chapel, we are praying the prayer “God, what do You want to do through me?”

If you would like to learn more about Wright’s Chapel and it’s ministries, feel free to contact me at or (540) 604-0038.  If you would like to support the All the Good We Can capital campaign, visit our website,, select Give, and All the Good We Can.  

I hope that you will consider joining me in-person or online for Sunday worship and support our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world – together, we can.