Nail it to the cross…

Tonya Trice   -  

I’ll never forget the day that I truly accepted God into my life…unconditionally.  I am a mother of two awesome sons.  During their high school years, one was keeping me busy playing every sport that he could through school, recreational leagues, and travel teams while the other was keeping me busy testing the waters and stretching the boundaries.  I was the mother of an adolescent who brought me joy on most days but sent me crashing to my knees in prayer on others – I was the mother of a teenage alcoholic who was spinning out of control.  I never once prayed to God for his sobriety or good behavior, but I prayed daily for God to keep him safe and others who may come in contact with him.  

So, what led me to the day that I truly accepted God into my life?  It was my child, who not only needed a strong mother but God as well.  Recalling that day, towards the end of a church service, the Pastor drew the congregation’s attention towards a six-foot cross boldly standing at the front of the room.  He passed out a piece of paper to each attendee and asked us to write down what we wanted to turn over to God on that day, then he gave us each a nail and invited us to nail our request to the cross.  He shared that following the service he would personally pray over our requests and then burn them, as our personal requests were between God and us.  On my piece of paper, I wrote only one word… the name of my child.  I turned my child over to the hands of God, and I never looked back. 

Was my act of turning my child over to the Lord an instant success?  No.  Did I experience immediate calm and relief?  Not at all.  Recovery is a process.  I never stopped praying and I never lost hope that God would do what only God can do.  But it was a dark and painful time.  I was blessed with the shoulder of my sister to cry on – she witnessed my grief, but in her busy life as a wife and mother, she could only listen and console.  

Today we are blessed to have Stephen Ministers across the globe and at Wright’s Chapel to support those who are dealing with certain situations.  Stephen Ministers are lay congregation members trained to provide confidential, one-to-one care to those experiencing a difficult time in life, such as grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or relocation.  Stephen Ministers come from all walks of life, but they all share a passion for bringing Christ’s love and care to people during a time of need.  

So, how are things today?  My older son is still playing competitive sports along the east coast and my younger son has achieved his 11-year sobriety anniversary, AND both are thriving in their careers – so awesome!  One of the many examples of how God sees our needs and hears our prayers – are you ready to nail yours to the cross?  

If you or a loved one is going through a difficult time and would like to be connected to a Stephen Minister or if you are interested in learning more about Stephen Ministries, feel free to contact me at or (540) 604-0038.

I look forward to supporting our Stephen Ministers and you in our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world – together, we can.