Summer reading plan

Charles   -  

I know it is not officially summer yet, but it feels like summer doesn’t it? In our family it sure does. Lydia has graduated high school and is a lifeguard at the pool. Amy has cleaned out her classroom and has already been to the bookstore to get some fun books she hopes to read over the summer. Each evening dad and Sophia sit together on the couch watching the Washington Nationals play baseball. 

I love summertime. Summer is often a season of disengagement. Schools close, people go on vacations, the pace of life generally slows down and many of us disengage from our usual schedules. While this is often good and needed, we also need to be careful that we do not disengage from God. Often in the summer, we attend worship less, we participate in church activities less, we pray less and we give less. But what if this summer we made it our goal to engage even more with God? 

I hope you’ll join us over the next few weeks of summer as we embark upon a journey reading through the entire Gospel of Matthew. It works out to about a chapter a day. It will probably be less than 5 minutes a day for most folks, but we’ve worked in some extra days each week in case you miss a day or two. I’ll be preaching a new sermon series based on the stories on Matthew and I’m inviting you to read along. 

We have ordered Gospel of Matthew Journals which you can use and which provide space on each page to jot down notes, questions, or reflections you might have as you read through the Gospel. You can pick up your Gospel of Matthew Journal by stopping by Wright’s Chapel. If you live out of town and would like one, let us know by sending an email to Tonya at and we’ll mail you a copy. 

This year, maybe more than ever before vacations will be taken. There will be trips to the beach and to see family that we haven’t seen in a long time. That is all wonderful, but I hope we’ll also use this time as an opportunity to grow in our faith. Join me this summer as we read The Gospel of Matthew.

Peace, Charles