Staying connected

It’s March 17th! Happy St Patrick Day!  For years some of you have enjoyed going to a parade, but not today. And tonight some of you are missing out on spending time with friends, going out for dinner and having a green beer. Me, I was planning on sitting here in my chair and watching the opening round of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. Of course, all of our plans have changed haven’t they? No parade, no tournament. Me, I’m sitting in my chair watching an old Star Trek Movie. 

Obviously things are going to be different for a little while as we work together to combat this virus and try and protect the most vulnerable among us. Our willingness to cancel our events, to isolate ourselves and stay home is the loving thing to do as we consider the well being of others. One writer stated that “this virus thrives on selfishness and is defeated with selflessness.” Thus we will continue with online worship only for at least the next two Sundays and all gatherings at church during the next two week are also canceled. 

Like many of you, I ask every day, how long is all of this going to last? No one really seems to know, but for the time being we all are doing what we can. The unknown and uncertainty of what lies ahead of us is obviously frightening for many. Sickness, death, isolation, cancelations, our children’s education, economic loss are just some of what we fear. 

But rather than wallow in our fear and uncertainty, one of the ways to best address them is to stay as connected and engaged with one another and with our God. Thus along with setting up times to worship God online we are also setting up some opportunities to gather virtually with one another through online meetings.  We will be offering some information sessions, worship, classes, discussions and entertainment over this time when we can not be physically present with one another. Through Zoom meetings we can connect and communicate. There will be numerous opportunities, some of which you will find listed below. I would invite you to engage in this way and let’s see how it goes. Instructions of how to log into Zoom are posted on our Wright’s Chapel Facebook Page.

We are working with the schools to make sure children and youth are fed. We have also set up food collection bins in the back of the church in order to support our friends we have been engaged with our Mobile Ministry sites.  We will be posting a list of desired items and ask that you drive by to drop them off or that you order the items online to be delivered to us at church. We’ll be providing a link to do that on our Facebook page. Our Lumberjacks continue to deliver wood where needed and so if you are aware of needs let us know.

Our ministry and care does not need to stop because of a virus. Actually we need to ramp it up even more. Check on your neighbors and give them a call, be in prayer for our leaders, write a letter to someone and tell them how thankful you are for them, draw or color a picture as a gift to someone, send an email, facetime someone you’re thinking about and let them know you care.  

We will keep you updated of any changes and opportunities that are available to us for ministry. If you have suggestions of how we can be of service, in prayer or a witness to Christ in this time, please let us know. Thank you for all you do! 

Peace Charles

For Zoom classes you will need to download Zoom on your computer or phone/tablet. Instructions are below. Click here to download zoom.

The following will be offered this week!

Wednesday March 18th – Facebook Live Lenten service 12:00 pm

Wednesday March 18th- Zoom – Gary Nelson -pastoral counselor – stress, anxiety 4:00 pm

Thursday March 19th -Zoom Youth (6th-12th grade) gather with Shawn 1:00 pm

Friday March 20th – Zoom Kathy Johnson ideas for parents when teaching your kids 4:00 pm

Saturday March 21st – Zoom – Children’s ministry with Susan at 10:00am

Saturday March 21st – Zoom Amy Tillapaugh – Studying the Psalms 2:00 pm

Sunday March 22nd – Facebook Live worship 9:45 

Sunday March 22nd -Zoom Nikki Kiger Studying The Walk 2:00 pm

Monday March 23rd- Meditation Monday – Music by Clay posted on our Facebook Page

Tuesday March 24th- Facebook Live Clay taking music requests 7:00 pm