Mexico Mission Trip

As many of you know, we have been going on mission trips to Haiti for the last five years. In between trips, we have financially supported the home for girls with disabilities that we have helped build. Through the generous donations of the people of Wright’s Chapel, we are now sending funds to help with the monthly costs to run the school. We had planned another trip to Haiti in June of this year. For the last year Haiti has been going through some serious struggles. Because of long time government corruption, the people have begun to protest. This has caused Praying Pelicans (and many other mission organizations) to put trips on hold until travel is safe again. Because of this, we will not be able to make the trip to Haiti this summer. We will continue to support the girls home from afar until we can again travel to see our friends in Haiti.

We still wanted to make a trip this summer with Praying Pelicans. I have talked with them for several months, and we have decided to travel to Ensenada, Mexico. We will fly into San Diego where Praying Pelicans staff will meet us and drive us about an hour south of the border. Some of you may have heard of Ensenada because it’s a popular cruise stop. We will be partnered with a local church to help meet the needs of the community and begin a relationship with a new church. There are lots of details to work out still, but I’m excited to go to a new place and to meet new friends.

Here are a few details I do know. The dates for the trip are May 30- June 5th. The cost of the trip will be between $700-$900 depending on how much we fundraise. We will be partnered with a local church, and they will help determine the work we do in the community. We will sleep somewhere near the church on air mattresses. Some (including me) will be happy to hear it’s not hot like it is in Haiti. I’m told the highs during the day are in the 70s and can get in the high 50s at night. Honestly I’m really excited about that part!

Some have asked me if it safe in Mexico. I know a lot of the things we hear about in the media about Mexico are not good, but I trust Praying Pelicans and their staff. They will be with us at all times and will have security at night just like we had in Haiti. They will be providing all of our meals and our travel. Right now the US has travel warnings in Haiti, but there are no travel warnings in the Baja California area of Mexico which is where Ensenada is located. I would never chose a dangerous place to take our church. In fact, I feel safe enough to take my oldest child with me on this trip. However, I do understand concerns and am happy to talk more with anyone that has concerns.

We will have a sign up sheet in the gathering area at church on Sunday morning for those that are interested in going. A $100 deposit is due by March 15th. If anyone has concerns about the cost or anything else, please let me know so that we can talk through any questions that you may have. I’m looking forward to this trip, and I hope you’ll plan to join us!