Fun times!

Wright's Chapel United Methodist Church   -  

Last night we had our annual Christmas party with the youth. This year we held it at Ashland Skateland. Not everyone was a great skater, but I think everyone had a great time. We have these type of events a few times a year just to get together and have fun as a group. There is no agenda other than fun. The youth usually invite friends who have never come to youth before, and it’s a great way to get to know new people. I skated with them for a while but quickly realized I’m not really in skating shape anymore!

Watching the youth skate and enjoy themselves was a great picture of what I love about our youth group. We had youth who attend most everything at our church, not just youth events. They were skating and eating pizza with youth who are only connected to our church through our Wednesday Bible study and whose parents have never attended Wright’s Chapel. They have found a welcome place to grow on Wednesday nights. There was one youth who was attending the first time, and others were encouraging her to come to Bible study. We had youth who could skate really well, and we had youth who were really bad and fell a lot. We had adults who open their homes every Wednesday for Bible study come and spend time with young people. Two young people with special needs were there. Sophia skated around a few times and was done for the night. Grant tried it out, fell once, and wanted his skates off immediately. But Grant realized he could just run around the rink without skates much easier, giving high fives to everyone. Our youth are so comfortable with young people with special needs because of Sophia and Grant (and others). Even though we were just doing something fun, it was a beautiful picture of what we work for with our youth ministry.

Grant is having fun!

This year 100% of our Christmas eve offering will be going towards our Children’s and youth ministries. We are asking for each family in the church to consider giving $20 for each family member to this special offering. This money will help with the costs of running these important ministries here at Wright’s Chapel. Costs that include staffing, dinners for Bible studies, curriculum, supplies, mission trips, and fun events like last night. Our children’s and youth ministries are making a difference in so many lives. Not just in the young people‚Äôs lives, but also in the lives of parents. We are able to provide a support system for parents as they grow in their faith. This special Christmas Eve offering will help us accomplish that. If you’re not going to be at church for Christmas eve, you can click here to donate online and choose Christmas Eve offering in the drop down box. Thank you for all the ways you are supporting Wright’s Chapel. You are making a difference!