Connection as defined by a quick Google search is “a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else”.  As humans, I think most of us crave finding someone that we connect with, someone that we have similar interests with, someone that will be your person or persons (like Merideth and Cristina). 

Our connections with other people looked a lot different when we were growing up. You actually had to use your voice to communicate on the phone or in person or you would pass a note and hope that you didn’t get caught or imagine this…I would ride my bike or later drive to their houses to connect with them.  We didn’t have all this CRAZY technology that we do now that makes it hard to connect in person, because even when we are in person, the technology sometimes can get in between us. But what hasn’t changed is that we still crave this connection. I am lucky to have a handful of girlfriends that I have this connection with and we call it our “free therapy.”

For our meeting this month with Building Better Moms, we didn’t have a guest speaker, instead we had an open panel discussion.  We talked about whatever anyone might have a question about or advice on. As moms, we forget that it is important to connect with other moms and realize that others have faced some of the same highs and lows.  I think it helps us to take things in stride and to not always be hard on ourselves. It is, also, a well deserved time for ourselves.

As parents and adults, I think it is important to, also, connect with the next generation.  It is important for them to realize that there are adults that love them and care about their well being. I try to do that with my own children daily.  I called my oldest yesterday for the first time since he has left for college. We exchange texts daily, but I had not called him until then. I needed to just let him know that I loved him and couldn’t wait to see him. I get up most mornings with the younger two and kiss and hug them as they walk out the door.  I tell them that I love them and that I hope that they have a great day. (I text this daily to the oldest.) I hope that they do it for the loves in their lives when they are older.

I think the children in Afterschool and Sunday School are feeling connected with my volunteers.  We have kids that love to share with us that they lost a tooth, because they get a special song. They enjoy making a treat in the kitchen because they get to eat it. They get divided up in Sunday School by age with the same teachers and kids each week with hopes that we are getting to know them and they us, so we connect.  Sometimes we play a game that I call “Connect”. The first person says something about themselves, it could be anything, favorite food, color hair, a fear, whatever. The first person that can say the same thing runs to connect arms with them and we keep going until the last person can connect with the first person.

Connecting is something that we easily forget about or easily make excuses for because we are so busy.  We live to work and rush through each day to wake up and do it all over again. I don’t know about you, but I feel much better when I am able to connect with our children or other adults.  It is good for my soul.