Cindy’s Closet

Wright's Chapel United Methodist Church   -  

As many of you have heard Cindy’s Closet (our thrift store) has been closed for almost two months. In early January a pipe burst and flooded the store. A lot of clean up and restoration had to be done. While we were waiting for that to be done we thought it was a good time to discuss if there were other rental units available that offered more space. We wanted to stay in the same general area because we have created such a good partnership with Cup of Cheer tea room. We had several meetings to discuss what kind of space was needed and how much that cost. If you didn’t know Cindy’s Closet is its own 501c3 non profit organization. The proceeds from sales are then donated to the church and other local organizations. So with that in mind we wanted to find a space that not only offered more square footage but also offered us the opportunity to make more money to cover the additional rent and to be able to increase our donations.
After much discussion we decided to move Cindy’s closet to a bigger location but still really near the current store. If you are facing the tea room we will be the next unit to the right. The new unit offers more space and more rooms. We will be able to have a room for furniture and household goods. The boutique items will be able to have their own room leaving the entrance more open. We will still have rooms for women’s, mens, and children’s clothes. With the new store we will also open on Tuesdays from 12-6 to go along with our normal Wednesday through Saturday hours.
The new space is almost ready!
We have had many church volunteers step up to help renovate the new location. We have had to take down a wall, take up carpet, and paint. The space is really coming along and we hope to be open in early March.
Cindy’s Closet has been a great ministry for the community. Not only as a fundraiser for church ministries but also has helped many people in need. While we were looking at different spaces our landlord told us how important we were to the community. He was so impressed by the ministry we were doing. A lot of hard working volunteers make all of that happen. Stay tuned for more information on our grand re-opening. I hope you will consider coming out and shopping. While you are there ask them about how you can volunteer!